“For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” John 3:17

I am a children’s novelist* and an avid reader within the genre. You can visit my author website for info about my middle grade and young adult novels. But before I am an author, I am a Christ-follower. I make no attempt to hide my faith or apologize for believing in the Lord Jesus Christ—in his death, burial, and resurrection; in the reconciliation He offers between sinful man and a holy God; and in the hope and purpose He brings to humanity. Neither do I apologize for the Christian worldview that is firmly entrenched in my novels and that follows me into real life. It puts me at odds with a society that has rejected God and is becoming increasingly hostile and intolerant of those who hold to his Word. But if faith and conviction are items you check at the door each time you enter a public forum, they’re worthless.

The Book and The Author has no one direction and no regular posting schedule. It’s just my thoughts on “whatever and whenever”. But below I’ve collected a few that strike to the heart of my beliefs and some of the reasons I hold them. If you disagree with me, I’m still happy to befriend you on neutral territory. I do reserve the right to delete or block inflammatory comments. But I ask you in parting, if you could be convinced that a man actually rose from the dead, would you consider his claims? Will you examine the evidence?

The Gospel in Plain English

Historical Evidence for the Christian Faith

God, You Should Write a Book

You Look Great!

*I write novels for tweens, teens, and the young-at-heart. They are not religous (they’re intended for public classrooms) though they are written from a Christian worldview. My religious works are written under my nickname, Shell Isenhoff, to keep the genres separate.