Worldview Question #5: Why is it possible to know anything at all?

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This question is perhaps the starting point for any worldview. It’s the foundation for all other thoughts, all ideas, and all logic. How can we know anything? If we carry that thought farther, we might ask: What is truth? Are we capable of knowing truth? And is truth even be knowable?

Different people, cultures, and faiths arrive at vastly different and irreconcilable conclusions about what truth is, which makes no logical sense if truth is truth. That’s because we’ve rejected the possibility of absolute truth. Truth, some say, is what society or political power or a group of like-minded people makes it. Others say that truth is whatever you want it to be and nobody’s version of truth should be disregarded. But then truth is no longer truth. This absence of absolutes creates a pretty weak foundation on which to build knowledge.

For the Christian, the ideas of truth and knowledge begin solidly in the existance of God. Not just any God, but the one and only living creator God. We can only know him because he chose to reveal himself to us. Everything that is knowable is based on this revelation, which is given in two forms: the inerrant Bible and the divine person of Jesus Christ. God is truth. God is the source of all that is true and knowable. And because God is unchanging, truth is absolute and reliable.

Some things to think about: How do you define truth? How do you discern truth? And is it worth anything if it isn’t absolute? How would absolute, knowable truth impact you? How would it impact our culture? Have you ever tested the truth of God by testing the truth of his revelation?

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