Worldview Question #3: What is a human being?

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So, what is a human? Are we the product of eons of evolution? The freak chance of an unfeeling universe? An accident with no meaning or purpose? A brief light in the darkness of nothingness, to which we will return when the light blinks out?

I would like to offer a resounding NO!

The Bible, on which I base all the answers to my worldview questions (find my reasons here, here, and here), claims that man was formed in the image of God. This means we are intelligent, rational, able to communicate, able to create, able to reason. We are the very pinnacle of God’s handiwork, created for his glory. Because we are purposefully made, we are worthy of respect and honor. Which makes murder wrong. And abortion. And euthanasia.

Mankind was also given dominion over the rest of Creation. That means everything on earth is to be governed by man according to God’s teachings in the Bible. This includes not just ecology and ecosystems and other life forms but, well, everything. Economics, education, art, medicine, science, etc. But because mankind is fallen, we don’t do a very good job of it.

Right off the bat, men rebelled against the order God created. We now have a predisposition toward sin and continue to rebel. We live with the consequences every day, yet we still want to think and act apart from God and his authority. And as Creator, he is the Authority and Judge whether we like it or not. Since God cannot abide sin or allow it to go unpunished, we are separated from him and in need of a Savior. Jesus Christ filled that role. He lived a sinless life and died (the punishment for sin) in our place. Those who accept that substitution will be reunited with and live with God on a sinless, recreated Earth someday.

A Christian worldview gives mankind worth, purpose, and hope. Does yours? What exactly do you believe? What do you base it on? Why do you believe it?  And how do you “prove” it to yourself?


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