The Silence of the Lambs

gods-peopleI’ll get back to my worldview questions soon. Promise. Today I want to bring some attention to the atrocities going on around the world to Christians at the hands of Muslims. I receive the Voice of the Martyrs newsletter every month. I’d strongly encourage each and every reader out there to sign up for a free subscription over at the VOM website. Better yet, make a donation while you’re there. They are a fabulous source of information that the mainstream media will never report on and a fabulous source of support for those who suffer for following Christ. And pray! That’s a reminder to myself, too. Do it. And do it often.

Now, instead of writing the rest of this post myself, I’m turning it over to the very capable hands of Bill Meuhlenberg. You’ll really want to read what he has to say about the silence of the church while the world is murdering and raping our brothers and sisters. Click the link below and you’ll be directed straight to his article on It’s truly an eye-opener.

Darkness Covers the Land but God’s People Say and Do Nothing

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