Wordview Question #2: What is the nature of material reality?

I’ve been very slow covering my series on worldviews. Today I’ll look at question number two. To view all the questions and find links to each, you can view the original post.

So what is the nature of material reality? What I mean is, what is the world like around us? Is it orderly or chaotic? Created or autonomous? Does it have a purpose, or is it random? Is there a spiritual element to it or is it merely physical? And how do we relate to it?

I’ve already established that I base my Christian worldview on the historicity of Jesus Christ, the reliability of the Bible, and the fulfillment of prophecy. With that starting point, I believe the world was created. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). I take that at face value, not only because it’s written in the Bible, but because there’s so much evidence to back it up. In the whole universe of billions of stars, we are aware of one planet that sustains life. One planet with an exact axis that spreads out heat and cold so both hemispheres can grow food. One planet with perfect revolution so no season is too long or too short and perfect rotation so day and night are not too long or two short. If either changed, our water would freeze or evaporate. One planet with a perfectly designed water cycle, nitrogen cycle, oxygen cycle. One planet with the perfect atmosphere to protect us from space radiation and debris. Chance? I don’t think so.

As a created world, it is also regulated by carefully designed natural laws that order our world and our lives. Laws such as those that govern physics and mathematics are not random, nor was it chance that brought them into being. They demonstrate purpose, control, and design. And being created by a supernatural Creator, the world has a definite spiritual element to it. Though it is ordered by natural laws, God’s power can, has, and does supercede natural law, resulting in miracles and supernatural occurances such as the worldwide flood, the virgin birth, and the resurrection of Jesus.

How are we to relate to such a world? First, we must understand that it was created for us. For our use, enjoyment, support, and rule. God gave us dominion over it and the intelligence to govern it wisely. Such a gift implies value in the recipient. Value above the gift. We, even more than the Creation we are a part of, are a product of purpose and design.

Do you believe the earth is created? Without design, how do you explain the overwhelming coincidence that one planet would develop the many necessities to support life? How do you explain the development of complex mechanisms such as reproduction involving the pairing of two distinctly different and compatible cells? Without design, what is the basis of order and natural laws? Without design, do people have value? On what do you base your value?


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