Discovering God’s Will For Your Life

Oh look! I haven’t posted on here for two months! That would be about when track meets started regularly. Sigh. It was a great track season.

7214575Today I have only a short book review. I received the book Discovering God’s Will For Your Life from author Mike Lutz in exchange for an honest review. I was impressed with how easy the book was to read, how simple Lutz made the process, and how basic his advice was. Here’s the review I posted on Amazon:

Want to know God’s will for your life? Mike Lutz starts with the basics: quiet time, meditation, prayer, Bible reading. So elementary, yet so vital—and so overlooked in our busy society. This book is for those who want to get serious about their faith. Knowing God’s will takes effort, but Mr. Lutz breaks it down into simple-to-grasp steps in this conversationally styled book. Calling on roles models such as Joseph and Moses, he has created a great resource for those just starting out in their Christian walk and for those who need to get back to the simple

Now my question is, would anyone like me to pass the book on to them? It’s a paperback, and I’ll gladly send it to the first one to email me requesting it. If you’re interested, I’m at 🙂


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