Your Value

jesus hugI know I’ve been putting my fair share of “book” posts on here the last few months. It’s never been my intention to turn this into another book blog. (I have enough of those already!) But I’m pretty heavily involved in the writing community, so my thoughts are bound to go in that direction occasionally.

Today I had someone comment on my author Facebook page. She had read The Little Brown Sparrow and let me know she enjoyed it. As I’m in the middle of writing a full length tween novel right now, I hadn’t thought about that little children’s story for quite a while. So I took some time today to see how it’s doing on Amazon. I now have 28 reviews posted! Of course, when it’s free, they’re much easier to collect.

I started reading through the responses and was struck by a common theme. All of these were adult reviewers, and usually they related their desire to read the story to their grandchildren or their Sunday school class. But several times I read that the reviewer himself had been feeling low, and my little story had provided a quick pick-me-up.

It made me think, a childish lesson in self-worth isn’t really a childish lesson at all. Even as adults our value is sometimes called into question, especially if we’ve experienced a tough failure, if we’re chronically ill, if we’re handicapped, or even depressed. An argument, a rebellious child, a hard day–these can all serve to bring us down. But our worth isn’t dependent on us at all. Not on our skills, not on our performance, not on our appearance, not on our health, not on anyone’s opinion. Our worth comes directly from the fact that we are made in the image of God.

So if you’re struggling with self-esteem, with feelings of failure, or just feeling down, remember who made you. Remember who you belong to. Remember you were created with a purpose. Remember you were worth enough to redeem with the blood of the Son of God himself. That’s a pretty great pick-me-up.

Of course, reading The Little Brown Sparrow won’t hurt, either. 🙂


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