Caution: Taylor Davis May not Be Suitable for all Adults!

TaylorDavis_FlameOfFindul_cover 2x3By now probably everyone who has wandered onto this blog knows I write children’s literature. And many of you probably also know I just released a new book. Well, here’s where I tell you how it will probably tick off Christians and non-Christians alike.

Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul was a brand new sort of book for me–humorous action/adventure. Ever since reading Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series I’ve wanted to try my hand at one. But whereas Riordan writes about the ancient gods, mine has more to do with the ancient God. He’s not a main character, but his presence is certainly implied.

That right there will probably be enough to tick off some people, especially as the book is intended for a mainstream audience. What?! A book with God intended for public school children?! *Gasp!* *Shudder!* 

Yes, Taylor is intended for a general audience, therefore the Christian element is toned way down. That will probably tick off some Christians. What?! Are you too ashamed to include your faith in your book?

So who WILL like Taylor? Hopefully everyone who falls between those two extremes. Middle schoolers should get a kick out of it. It’s a wild adventure with a fantastical element to it. But instead of granting my human hero supernatural powers, I’ve given him a pair of guardian angels to help him out. Angels with eccentricities and very human-like behavior. (I know, more fodder for complaints.) Taylor has also been paired with another human, a girl by the name of Elena, who ended up part of the team accidentally and doesn’t much like it. Their job is to relight the Flame of Findul–the sword that guards the Tree of Life–before disaster happens. Problem is, Findul the firesmith has been missing for several centuries. And a 1600’s pirate who ate of the tree (hence, he cannot die) intends to stop them.

As I was writing Taylor, I came up with a whole list of stuff over which I’m sure to receive nasty letters from pew theologians. I know my doctrine has some gaping holes in it. The whole story should be taken with a smirk and a grain of salt. My intention is neither to be proselytizing nor to disrespectful but to simply tell a fun story with some good moral values hidden among the action. I hope the majority of readers take it for what it is.

Because it is enrolled in KDP Select, Taylor is only available on Amazon until August.

Kindle | Paperback


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