The Lowdown on the Creation Museum

If you’ve ever felt like you’re the only person left in the world who doesn’t buy into evolution, go to the Creation Museum. If you’re struggled with balancing your faith with what the scientific community passes off as “fact,” go to the Creation Museum. If you’re looking for solid science that does not contradict God’s Word, get yourself to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. It’s run by Answers in Genesis, and every hypothesis, every theory, every answer is carefully weighed against the authority of scripture. If it doesn’t align, it’s discarded.

My family and I made a stop at the museum on our vacation last week. It’s a beautiful facility–bright, colorful, and kid-friendly. And their message is a super antidote to the crap constantly dished out in our schools. It’s nice for Christian parents to have some solid backing by real scientists.

So what kind of scientist practices science according to a religious book? you may be asking. One who understands that God was there in the beginning and knows far more than we do. One who recognizes that God created the laws that govern science. One who realizes that God graciously recorded and preserved many answers for us. But is that real science they’re practicing? Of course it is. The methodology is the same. The data is the same. Only their conclusions differ, because they are drawn from different worldviews.

In the Creation Museum, you and your kids will find out that evolution actually floats on a series of assumptions. You’ll discover that radiometric dating methods are extremely inaccurate. (For example, they date Mount St. Helens rock at hundreds of thousands of years.) You’ll learn that the ingenuity of early craftsmen could have truly made Noah’s ark withstand an ocean voyage, and you’ll get an idea of just how huge and roomy that sucker was. You’ll find evidence of dinosaurs in recent history. And you’ll come to see the importance of believing all of the Bible or none of it. The basic foundations given in Genesis are the support for redemption given in the New Testament. Evolution knocks them out; the folks at the museum help put them back in place.

If you go, plan at least five hours. In fact, you could easily spend an entire day there. The main attraction is a large walk-through display that touches on all sorts of topics beyond the ones I mentioned. It also gives a biblical history for those unfamiliar with scripture. The exhibits are large, varied, and interesting. Many also makes use of video; some are hands-on. But along with the display, the museum has a planetarium with Bible-based astronomy, a petting zoo, beautiful gardens, and lots of talks and programs going on all day long. Make sure you catch the Men in White show in the special effects theater. Plans are in the works to build a full-scale replica of Noah’s ark in the next two years.

Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum offer faith and logic. It’s a great combination. And they make it fun. If you’re interested in any curricula or resources, check out their website at They have all sorts of materials that answer tough questions with plain answers. Information about the museum can be found on their website. I strongly encourage you to visit!

5 thoughts on “The Lowdown on the Creation Museum

  1. Thanks for the review of our Creation Museum. Glad you were blessed by your visit — and glad to see the photo of Loch Awe (I used to live in bonnie Scotland). Mark, CCO, Answers in Genesis

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Mark. The Museum was excellent–a grand finale for all the reading (and blogging) I’ve been doing on origins. It was great to bring the kids.

      My grandma was from Scotland, and I have a thing for Scottish castles. One of these years I have to get myself there.

  2. Thanks for the review, Michelle. We’re hoping to visit the Creation Museum on our way through to Georgia in December…can’t wait to take it all in! 🙂

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