Dinosaurs for Kids, by Ken Ham, 2009, Book Review

Like most kids their ages, my boys are fascinated by dinosaurs. You have to admit, there’s an air of mystery and horror surrounding these monsters of the past. What were they like? What was their world like? What happened to them? Secular scientists have supplied their version of the answers to these questions, but they are answers that don’t jive with my belief in Creation as described in the Bible. So it was to creation scientists that I turned for information to teach my kids about dinos. And I discovered this book.

It’s amazing! Full of huge, full-color illustrations and chock full of easily digestible information, Dinosaurs for Kids is a real kid-pleaser. And a mom-pleaser. To quote from the book, “When trying to solve the mysteries of these mighty dinosaurs, it is important to remember to start with the truth found in the Bible.” Author Ken Ham takes the same scientific evidence on which scientists base evolution and interprets it in a way complimentary to what God says.

Within, he discusses seven ages of dinosaurs:

Age 1 – Formed: The creation of dinosaurs and the rest of the world—including humans—in six days.

Age 2 – Fearless: For a time before sin entered the world, the animals and people lived together without fear and without aggression.

Age 3 – Fallen:  After man sinned, everything changed. Death entered the world.

Age 4 – Flood:  The time when most fossils were formed.

Age 5 – Faded:  The age when dinosaurs died out and became extinct, just as animals still go extinct today.

Age 6 – Found:  Man has only rediscovered dinosaurs in the last couple hundred years.

Age 7 – Fiction:  Today, scientist have created untrue stories about dinosaurs living millions of years ago.

In Dinosaurs for Kids, Mr. Ham has provided a logical, scientific, biblical explanation for the mysteries surrounding these amazing animals. It really isn’t that much of a mystery if you break down the evidence according to the history God has recorded for us in his Word. This book has been a huge read-aloud hit at our house, and I’m so pleased at not having to sift through lots of evolution propaganda.  I’d recommend it for ages 6-13 and probably place it at a fourth to fifth grade independent reading level.


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