The Blood of Lambs, by Kamal Saleem, 2009, Book Review

If you believe Islam is a peaceful religion, read this book.  If you don’t think radical Muslims are a serious threat to America, read this.  Let a former Muslim Brotherhood terrorist convince you otherwise.   Islam is in America, and it’s growing, and while only 10 percent of Muslims may be considered “radical,” even the seemingly peaceful ones are dancing in the streets when Israel or America suffers a defeat.  Remember 9/11?  Islam is looking to rule the world by Sharia law.  It’s called Omma.  Niceties like freedom, love and neighbors mean nothing.  Islam thrives on terror, power, hatred and lies.  It’s in their book.  When an agenda is written out for us, we should take a lesson from history (Mein Kampf, anyone?) and educate ourselves before it is carried out.

Let’s consider some of the basic tenants of Islam, taken right from the Koran and being taught to children at every devout Muslim table, even “peaceful” ones:

Sura 9:5 “Fight and slay the pagans wherever you find them.”
Sura 2:191 “Kill the disbelievers wherever you find them.”
Sura 9:123 “Murder them and treat them harshly.”
Sura 9:5 “Fight and slay the pagans, seize them, harass them, and lie in wait for them with every trick.”
Sura 8:12 “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads.”

It’s a friendly, peaceful religion, indeed, when a drop of infidel blood will save 70 family members from hell.  Or when self-sacrifice earns paradise and seventy-two virgins.  Or when you kill a Jew so your right hand will “light up before the throne of Allah, and all his heavenly host will celebrate.”  Or when the enemy’s land and women and children rightfully belong to Muslims to take and use as they will.  Muslim children all over the world are being brainwashed to hate, to attack, to die.  It’s the foundation of their religion.  And did I mention Al toquiah – the doctrine of lying to your enemy for the sake of Islam?  So, are we to believe what Muslim interest groups claim about their peaceful nature?  Quite frankly, I don’t.

Now let’s consider Islamic treatment of women, where a man has complete ownership of his wife.  He may beat her at leisure, divorce her with a word; her testimony is nearly worthless in court.  She may not be educated beyond twelfth grade.  No part of her body may be seen in public besides her eyes, because “women are not strong.  They bring sin to the house.”  Therefore, women must be subjugated completely to a man’s will.  And if a man suspects a wife or daughter of not aligning completely with the laws of Islam, they may dispose of that female in an “honor killing.”  It happens all the time in the Middle East.  It’s happening here.  Google it.  This is Sharia law.

So as Christians, how do we proceed?  I’d say, on an individual basis, treat Muslims with love and respect and kindness.  But on every level of government, proceed with eyes wide open to the motive behind their demands, and act in every single instance for the good of America.  Do not be deceived.


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