God, You Should Write a Book

If You’re really out there somewhere, God, wouldn’t You want us to know it?  I mean, sure, the universe probably didn’t happen by chance, but I’m talking about really knowing You.  What are You thinking?  Why did You create us?  What are You up to now?  What are You going to do next?  I’d sure like to know that stuff.  So why don’t You just write it down so anyone who wants to know can?

Writing a book shouldn’t be that hard for You, God.  Really, if you are the Creator, there’s a lot of power that goes along with that.  I guess You could write one simple little book.  If You didn’t want to do it Yourself, You could get some of Your followers to do it for You.  I bet You could influence them pretty strongly and make sure they wrote exactly what You wanted them to.

Of course, there might be people who won’t like Your book.  They might even try to destroy it.  But I bet You could find a way to preserve Your own words.   And I bet they’d be really hard to discredit, too.  In fact, You could probably make them verifiable.  Of course, people could interpret evidence any way they wanted, and probably not everyone would believe the things You wrote.  But still, if someone was really looking for You, God, I think You should make a way for them to find You.  I think You should write a book.

Maybe You could include in it something about how all this world came to be.  And I would like to know why You allow suffering.  Death isn’t cool, either.  Couldn’t that be remedied?  And what is the meaning of life, anyway?  Is there any difference between me and the animals?  What happens when we die?  And why do I get a guilty conscience?  Say, how can I be guilty unless there is right and wrong?  What’s the standard for that anyway, or are we left to determine right and wrong ourselves?  Are there consequences to our actions?  I’ve got so many questions that need answers.  I’m telling you, I really think You should write a book!

Where is this world headed to?  Is there an ending to the story?  Is the sun going to explode and kill us all? Will we wipe ourselves out?  How can we know peace in the midst of so much uncertainty?  Are You in control, God?  Or did You just set things in motion and let them drift?  I’d really like to know some of this stuff.  Do You even care about our worries and concerns?  Does our future mean anything to You?  Do we  mean anything to You?

Just between you and me, God, I think content like this would constitute a best-seller.  People love information.  And if You have any good things to say, stuff that might instill a measure of hope and peace, people are going to eat it up.  Those are things we desire.  Oh, and love.  God, we long for love.  Think You could put that in your book, too?

I really don’t understand why You didn’t think of this Yourself, God.  I’m sure You’d make a fine Author.  So just think about it.  I really think You should write a book.

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