Millions of Years and the Gospel Don’t Mesh

Evolutionary scientists will tell us that the earth as we know it evolved over the course of millions, even billions of years, and many Bible-believing Christians try to merge scientific theory with theology. Maybe Creation took place over millions of years, they reason.  But these two streams of thought are completely incompatible. Why? Because the “millions of years” thoroughly undermines the gospel message.

The Bible says God created the world in six days, then he rested. “And it was good.” Then Adam sinned, and death entered the world. The world is still in this fallen state, with sickness, death, carnivores, disease, loss, war, and lots of other not so nice things that are a direct result of this sin. This fallen state is exactly the reason for the gospel at all. The gospel that says Christ came to redeem the earth, and that one day He’ll renew it and everything in it.

Scientists, on the other hand, tell us the fossil record indicates millions of years happened before the first human ever landed on the scene. But fossils require death. Millions of years of death, all before Adam. And at the end of creation, God pronounced this good?

Also, doesn’t the Bible say sin entered the world through Adam? How could we have millions of years of death, which is caused by sin, before sin entered the world? You see the general predicament.

Many Christians are tempted by “scientific evidence” to abandon the literal six days of Creation. But if we abandon the foundation on which the gospel message is laid, what good is the rest of it? If sin, in fact, did not enter the world by man’s action, why would we need a Savior? What good is Jesus’ death and resurrection? What hope, then, do we have for the future? Maybe the whole thing is a bunch of hooey? So you see, without Creation, the entire Bible falls.

It is only logical to embrace the Bible completely, or to disregard it altogether. There can be no riding the fence. I, for one, would rather abandon the scientific theory that changes with every age of man and stick to the written word of the Beginning and the End.

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