Passover is only two weeks away. I’ve fallen in love with this holiday in the three years we’ve been celebrating it. It completes Easter for me. It puts the crucifixion in context. And I anticipate the Seder dinner with friends and family nearly as much as Christmas.

Even if you don’t want to hassle with a Seder, I’d encourage you to consider the educational value of simply learning about Passover with your kids. The week of Easter, read the Exodus story together. Each year, my family watches the old Ten Commandments  movie.  (I found it new on ebay for two bucks.) My kids like comparing it with the actual Bible account.  The animated movie Moses, Prince of Egypt is another great one for little guys. After the Exodus story, read the account of Christ’s triumphal entry, the last supper, the crucifixion. The Passion of the Christ would be another excellent movie night choice for older kids. Then talk about how Jesus fulfilled the picture of the original Passover.  From a doctrinal standpoint, Easter is more important than Christmas. Take advantage of this season to teach it to your kids.

If you want more information, scan my categories for Jewish holidays. There’s some basic, interesting stuff in there to get you started.


2 thoughts on “Shalom

  1. We have decided to celebrate the Jewish feasts after learning that although Gentile, we can and should celebrate them (from Zola Levitt ministries). And I am calling Easter First Fruits. Easter is more important than Christmas. The day our Savior came out of that grave and He did it all for us. 🙂 Passover is coming, I know. But what I don’t know is out to figure all this out on the calender. And what to fix for the traditional dinner.

    1. The last few years, we’ve hosted a Passover meal to share with different friends and teach them the significance. It works really well for us to do it the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter. Then my mom usually hosts a traditional family Easter dinner.

      Two years ago, my kids and I studied and celebrated each of the Jewish feasts as part of homeschool, including one traditional Saturday Sabbath as well. I’ve learned so much about the basis for my own faith. I wish I had more live local resources instead of just learning from books! And more time to read!! The only two we’ve adopted regularly, however, are Passover and Hannukah (which the kids love!) The others we talk about when they come around and review, but my husband isn’t totally on board, so we don’t actually celebrate them.

      Have a great time learning and praising with your family!

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