House of Horrors

I’m thoroughly disgusted by the news breaking out of Philadelphia about the “house of horrors.”  First, I’m disgusted by a man who would kill babies so gruesomely and then preserve and display them.  Second, I’m disgusted  by the failure of state officials to investigate a clinic involved in 46 lawsuits.  But mostly, I’m disgusted with America for reaching such a point.  (If you’re in the dark here, watch this video clip.)

People from all perspectives on the abortion issue seem to be coming down hard on Dr. Grosnell, and rightfully so.  His practices are horrendous and barbaric.  Yet, let me suggest they aren’t far from what is routinely considered acceptable in abortion practices.  Everyone knows about the brutal method commonly known as partial-birth abortion.  Thankfully, it has been outlawed in America.  But do you recall the stink when it was banned?  There were many who wished the practice to continue.  How different, really, is puncturing a baby’s skull and sucking out it brains from the spinal cord “snipping” of Dr. Grosnell?  Why was one defended and the other bashed?  Anyone else sensing some inconsistency here?  

What about the still-legal practice of dismemberment (D&E abortion)?  Is this more humane than what Dr. Grosnell practiced?  In this case, a live baby is torn limb from limb and removed from its mother.  How can one practice be condemned and the other accepted?  I honestly don’t see the difference.

For that matter, how is a baby “accidently” born alive during a botched abortion attempt dissimilar to one brought into the world on purpose?  Are they not both babies?  What makes one worth saving and the other only worthy of being tossed in a corner to die?  A mother’s decision?  Can one person determine the value of another?  Aren’t they both people?  And what makes a baby outside the womb more important than one inside?  Location?  I’m baffled. 

How have we ever reached such a blurring of right and wrong?  What has driven us to strip a baby of its humanity?  Why have we created gray areas, arguments, excuses and penumbras?   In a word, let me suggest plain, old-fashioned selfishness.  Instead of accepting the responsibility of a life we have created, it’s become okay to throw it away for the sake of convenience. 

May the tragedy Dr. Grosnell has created starkly illuminate our error.


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