A Little Art

Today, let me begin with a warning: This post contains a good deal of pure, unadulterated bragging. If this does not frighten you, read on…

My good friend Shelly recently asked if I’d be willing to paint a desert mural on her young son’s bedroom wall. I agreed, with a small disclaimer: If I totally botch it, don’t ask me to help repaint the wall. You see, I do have an eye for shape and color, but my only artistic training has been one drawing class in high school.

Here's a head-on view of the corner.

But Shelly had more faith in me than I did, so I spend a Saturday cloistered in her upstairs room, listening to a Michigan football game on the radio. It was by far the most ambitious project I’ve ever attempted, but what came of those seven hours astonished me.

Her room transformed into Arizona!

The door opens agains the big rock on the left.

The colors in the bluffs, the texture in the sky, the distant mountains, the big purpley rocks, the final green details – I love it!

Of course it’s not perfect. I see several things I’d like to fix, particularly the shading in the foremost bluff. (An eight-foot canvas with a corner was a new challenge.) Even so, I turned that ugly brown wall into into a landscape exciting enough for any three-year-old cowboy’s imagination! (I hear Daddy and Grandpa have to routinely back into the big cactus for exaggerated pokes.)

If you stop by Mike and Shelly’s house, go upstairs and check out Caleb’s room!


6 thoughts on “A Little Art

  1. That looks great! It’s huge! I thought that was a picture from a book, not what you actually painted. That’s really good.

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