“Men” Having Babies?

I was pretty surprised and disgusted this week by headlines claiming that a “man” had become pregnant. At first I thought it was a joke. It brought to mind one of the more ridiculous Cosby Show episodes in which Clif, exhausted by a rash of deliveries, dreamed he was pregnant himself. In my sheltered corner of the world, it took a few seconds for gender confusion to register in my memory. But the whole idea of a pregnant “man” begs the question, “if he’s having a baby, is he really male?”

Of course not! Who are we kidding? Men and women are fundamentally different all the way down to their cells, and no amount of hormone therapy or surgery can change what was decided at conception. There is even a field of science called sex-based biology, which identifies biological and physiological differences between the sexes. For twenty years, the Society for Women’s Health Research has recognized these differences and used the information to improve medical care. Kudos to them!

I did a google search for some of these differences, and I was amazed at the number and variety it unearthed. Men and women differ in their brains, the lenses of their eyes, their metabolism, cardiovascular systems, thought process, immunity, lymph nodes, and erthrocytes (whatever those are!) to name just a few. My search even brought up variances in cell phone usage!

We cannot deny there are scientific differences between the sexes, but here in America we turn a blind eye to them for the sake of those few folks dissatisfied with their gender. Instead of getting them psychological help or telling them this is how it is, we grant them new “rights” – despite moral and ethical questions – and defend them with laws. The “right” to be hired in schools and churches that disagree with them, the “right” to use the wrong public restroom, the “right” to insurance to cover their risky practices. As long as they aren’t hurting anyone, here in America we defend all manner of selfish idiosy.

But are we really getting away without casualties? Let’s think, just for a moment, about the child this “man” in the headlines is about to bear. Think how confused he or she will be when they start to look around the natural world and realize that everywhere but in their own home mommies have babies, not daddies. Consider the fistfights at school when they are singled out. Imagine their own sexual confusion at maturity.

Haven’t we, by making such selfish choices, by making up unnatural rights and allowing such ridiculous laws, caused more problems than we have solved? Maybe, just maybe, God assigned us male and female for a purpose, and ordered the natural family with a wisdom far beyond our own.


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